Happy Friday

It’s graduation season and we have a handful of graduates to celebrate this month.
I bumped into a friend from high school a few weeks ago and we were both stunned to realize it will be our 10 year in 2015.  I am feeling old.  For nostalgic reasons, I searched through pictures and scrapbooks for my favorite graduation picture and a 1 inch print out was the best I could do.  Mr. Hughes was my high school U.S. History teacher and continues to be one of my favorite people.  He retired that year but came back for graduation.  I waited all day to see him and when he found me in the graduation line I could not have been happier.  I’m so grateful to have him as a mentor and use the hope and happiness he gave me during very difficult times as inspiration/motivation for my work at MEP.
I’m very excited to see Tchinarold graduate this weekend. She’s worked hard and come a long way.  When I started working with her 5 years ago she was discouraged and disinterested in school.  Today she is a ray of sunshine and eager to pursue a career in Social Work.  She still has a long road ahead of her but I’m so proud of her and will support her in any way I can.
Aside from graduation.  We have our nephew’s graduation party tomorrow, I’m going to a bridal shower and I’ll be spending Sunday morning in the Villages.  I’m also hoping to borrow Gwenie for a night.  After a long week nothing brings a smile on my face quicker than that cutie.

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