Happy Friday

It’s graduation season and we have a handful of graduates to celebrate this month. I bumped into a friend from high school a few weeks ago and we were both stunned to realize it will be our 10 year in 2015.  I am feeling old.  For nostalgic reasons, I searched through pictures and scrapbooks for … More Happy Friday

Happy Friday

I love this Maya Angelou quote.  I live by it and refer to it often.  It’s simple yet profound.  So many people take for granted the things others (particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds) don’t know.  Most people assume everyone knows the things they know and then judge others for their ignorance.  This mentality frustrates me … More Happy Friday

Weekend Update

I had a nice busy weekend.   Friday: I went to Milford after work to have dinner with Cara.  It was a great visit and she made a “vintage” meal.  Shrimp Alfredo is our signature dish.  She made it for me when I visited her at her apartment (before I moved upstairs) and it introduced … More Weekend Update

The Perfect 10

I saw this Dove ad posted on Facebook earlier this week and it inspired me to create a new activity for my MEP girls.  The girls on Wednesdays lack the self confidence of the Thursday group and I thought this kind of ‘game’ would be especially useful to them.   I decided to force them … More The Perfect 10


I saw this really cute memory jar idea on Pinterest.  You write down a good memory and put it in the jar to remember throughout the year.  I tweaked it a bit and made happiness jars for the girls at MEP.  As teenagers they need some prodding to remember life doesn’t suck.  Every week they … More Happiness