The Perfect 10

I saw this Dove ad posted on Facebook earlier this week and it inspired me to create a new activity for my MEP girls.  The girls on Wednesdays lack the self confidence of the Thursday group and I thought this kind of ‘game’ would be especially useful to them.  
I decided to force them to think positively and identify 10 ‘perfect’ things about themselves.  I split it up into three rounds
Round One: Name three best physical attributes
Round Two: Name three best internal attributes
Round Three: Name four accomplishments you’re proud of
Immediately, the girls said round one was difficult but seemed less daunted about the other two.  This created a great segway into the Dove video.  After clearing their mind of some negativity we went around and each girl had to name three positive things.  They could not waffle and say “I don’t like this but this is okay”, they had to be confident and firm in what they liked or else they had to come up with an additional positive for each negative.  The same was true for each round.  
The girls had fun with the activity and I think it helped them re-evaluate how they view themselves.  Thursday was cancelled due to bad weather but I plan to do this activity with them next week.

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