Roasting Plant

March couldn’t end quick enough and April won’t slow down.  I decided to bust out some fun money this week for a coffee break at one of the many new stores popping up downtown.  
The Roasting Plant is a NYC company and definitely adds an urban flare to the D.  They promote themselves as offering the freshest coffee because it’s ground in front of you.  The Roasting Plant is not a fancy drink place (i.e. no Frapp equivalent for me) so I ordered a simple iced coffee with an Ethiopian Sidamo Ardi bean.  I’m not a coffee connoisseur and based my selection solely on the fact the description mentioned a raspberry flavor – always a safe bet.

I liked the coffee and will go back.  The customer service was good and it was really clean and kept together.  It’s always nice to see a steady flow of customers and people relaxing with the paper and their laptops.  The Roasting Plant is a great example of what people should expect to see around downtown.

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