Pilates Love

A few weeks ago I received an email from Sarah announcing that she will be an instructor at a new pilates studio in Novi, Club Pilates, and there would be free classes for the grand opening.  I’ll do almost anything if it’s free and immediately signed up.  I invited a couple girlfriends to join but no luck.

I ventured out on my own Saturday and was a little nervous.  A pilates studio, particularly a pilates studio in Novi, is going to attract a fancy clientele.  I definitely stood out in the small group of otherwise 30-40 year old married women in designer workout gear.

The owner, Kristen, taught the condensed pilates class and it was great.  She was bubbly and fun and the workout was amazing!  It was easy to do but I could feel it.  I’m in love with the reformer machine!  I was completely relaxed and comfortable during the entire session.

I didn’t want the class to end and I really want to go back; however, it’s not cheap.  My goal is to convince friends to go with me so I have an excuse to spend the money.  In the meantime, I purchased three classes because there is a 20% discount offer this weekend.  I’m going to space out my visits to every three weeks until there is another special.

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