My worklife is comically stressful. Comically in the sense that if I don’t laugh, I cry but what doesn’t kill you… To maintain my health and sanity, I’m reaffirming my commitment to yoga and contemplating how to tackle meditation. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to turn off my brain. So if you have suggestions, … More Om

Bring It On

It’s that time of year again… The time of year I determine to get fit.  Over the years my body size has adjusted to one I’m comfortable with; however, lately I’m a bit doughy.  It’s not that I’ve stopped going to the gym completely but my regularity and effort rises and falls.  I haven’t weighted … More Bring It On

My Favorite Things

Last year I posted what I wanted for Christmas. This year I’ll post about what I love and would recommend to others. I’ve discovered many new things in 2013 but here are the top items. Pete’s Chocolate: I try to patron local business when I can and this Detroit chocolatier is a definite winner. Currently a … More My Favorite Things

Weekend Update

I had a super fun, super busy weekend.   Friday, I rushed to the gym to get my workout on.  I’m really glad I’m in a gym going mood AND a running mood these days.  If I can get my diet under control I bet I would have some pretty sweet results.  After my workout … More Weekend Update

Never Say Never

You must do the things you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt For years I was convinced I couldn’t run.  My lungs weren’t meant for it.  I have weak ankles.  My thighs are too jiggly for this activity. When I finally tried running on a treadmill in 2011 I discovered I could do it.  I … More Never Say Never

Pilates Love

A few weeks ago I received an email from Sarah announcing that she will be an instructor at a new pilates studio in Novi, Club Pilates, and there would be free classes for the grand opening.  I’ll do almost anything if it’s free and immediately signed up.  I invited a couple girlfriends to join but no luck. I ventured … More Pilates Love

Looking Forward

I’ve been in a funk for awhile now but I think it’s finally passing.  I’ve been reading old blog posts and I can’t believe how far I let myself get from what I want.  It wasn’t earth shattering but it has been significant.   Fitness: I’m back at square one but I’m also back on … More Looking Forward

Workout Update

Over the summer I was doing really well with my workouts, then life came crashing down around me it seemed and my workouts took a hit.  I never totally gave up; however, I lost all my strength and gained 10 pounds (literally).  Consequently, I’ve been avoiding jeans all year… The dark cloud over my mood … More Workout Update

Christmas List

Running Shoes: I’m back to running and my current shoes are worn out and in desperately need to be replaced. Martini Glasses: We have glasses for everything except my favorite cocktail.  Some signature Sex and the City glasses would be perfect.  Ben & Jerry’s Cannoli ice cream: My two favorite desserts combined = perfection but … More Christmas List