I Guess I am a Runner

After a cold, snowy winter it appears we’re finally getting a reprieve.  Unfortunately, the bright star in the sky caused trouble for my ride home and there were tons of accidents.  As I sat in slow moving traffic being blinded by the sun I wished I could either beam myself home or run there.  Obviously I couldn’t do either but when I finally walked in the door I ran upstairs to change and getting my running shoes.

I stopped running in November because it was TOO COLD and I couldn’t breathe.  HA!  It was 50 then and maybe 35 yesterday.  I couldn’t feel my ears or my nose, I had to walk parts to avoid ice and cars that were trying to avoid snow and puddles but the run felt AMAZING!  I didn’t realize I had cabin fever until I was able to go outside.

The added bonus was that the sun was still on the horizon when I got home.  I definitely love the longer days!  Here’s hoping this weather keeps up and I can hit the pavement more often.

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