Never Say Never

You must do the things you think you cannot do.

For years I was convinced I couldn’t run.  My lungs weren’t meant for it.  I have weak ankles.  My thighs are too jiggly for this activity.

When I finally tried running on a treadmill in 2011 I discovered I could do it.  I would run for as long as 5 miles in an hour.  Unfortunately, I hurt my knee and had to stop – too much too fast.

When I recovered and wanted to get back at it, my mind still had some of pre-running doubts.  I had to remind myself that even though it seemed impossible it wasn’t.  For some reason I only told myself this when it came to running on a treadmill.  I still felt that I could not run outside.

I value physical fitness.  I try to prioritize it in my life even though I’m not in love with it.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to shorten my workouts and get the best results.  Running is the way to this and I decided to recommit.

Sadly, the treadmill is boring.  I (i.e. my hair) may be safe from the elements but I find little joy running to no where on a machine where time stands still.  I know a lot of outdoor runners who really enjoy it and finally decided to give it try.

Turns out running outside isn’t impossible.  I can do it.  What’s even better is that I enjoy it.  I’m left breathless, sweaty and (as evidenced by my fb posts) mindless but I feel invigorated and peaceful afterwards.

As I said before I don’t love exercise.  I don’t even like it.  Every trip to the gym is a victory.  The same is true for running.  However, I feel encouraged by my commitment to at least try.  I feel empowered by my ability to ignore my (very wrong) belief that I could not run.  And, most importantly, it gives me courage to tackle other things I think are impossible.

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