Prince George Alexander Louis

After another long reign for a Queen, the world will once again see a series of men at the head of the British monarchy.  Charles III, William V and George VII.  At least potentially, the middle names are up for grabs for all of them and it will be interesting to see what they choose.  While the people I know tend to prefer the name Alexander I’m not sure I envision a King Alexander I of England but a lot can happen in 60 years. As for me, I like George and had a hunch that’s what they’d go with since it was Elizabeth’s father’s name.
As interesting as the English monarchy name game is I’m more interested in fashion.  How perfect are Kate and Wills outfits?!  Beautiful coordinated (I can’t help but assume) to match the baby’s sex.  Absolutely perfect.  When I have kids I want Danny and I to get similar outfits for newborn pictures.  I can only imagine it will be easier to find a polka dot dress 3 years from now then it will be for the next 3 months.
Finally, I can’t help but note how down-to-earth the royals seem.  Kate looked gorgeous but made no attempt to hide her postpartum belly.  William put George in the car himself and then drove them home.  Aside from the millions of people watching them, it was like any other hospital discharge.  I love the British.

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