Something for the 20 Somethings

To counter the optimism of my last point let me share this Forbes article.  
I try not to stress about my age, many successful people didn’t start doing what made them rich/famous until their 40s.  At 25 (almost 26) I try to reassure myself that I have time left to accomplish my goals.  According to Forbes this is a bad move and urgency is a must.

Most of the list makes me cringe. I’m not completely off track but I definitely have some catching up to do.  

The part of the article that hit me the hardest was the tech talk. Computers definitely have its place on my “impossible” list.  I know how to use a computer of course but I feel like everyone in my generation is able to navigate what is out there.  Creating what is out there and making it work is a different level.  True technical knowledge is a valuable asset in an increasingly digitized world; therefore, I decided to start the  Codecademy

It’s a free tutorial website that offers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python and other things I have no knowledge about.  So far I’m well on my way to learning HTML and I’m surprised at how much fun it is.  I never thought my brain operated in a way that would allow me to understand science but maybe it does.  I’m going to be really ticked if I find out I could have been a computer engineer all along!

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