Good People Popcorn

I really admire entrepreneurs.  Investing time and money into an endeavor that may or may not work out is a risk I can’t imagine taking.  I don’t even buy a lotto ticket when there is a $300 million dollar prize.

Good People Popcorn is a family business operating in downtown Detroit.  I read about the business awhile ago and last week I finally checked it out.  I picked out caramel apple pie popcorn for $4.75.  It was super sweet and delicious.  My favorite part was the dried apples.  The bag might not look big in the picture but it was more than enough.  Danny and I snacked on it for a couple days and I had leftovers to share with Cara.

I’m definitely going back to try a savory option (chili cheese is the leading contender) and I’m putting it on my list of gift ideas for the holidays.

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