Hamtramck is a small city inside of Detroit, known for it’s traditionally Polish population.  Over the years I have heard good things about Hamtramck; however, I always assumed it was like the other city inside Detroit – Highland Park.  Highland Park looks like the apocalypse happened.  Thankfully, Hamtramck does not.  It’s a cute little city.  Not fancy but quaint.  Danny said it reminds him of South Bend.  It reminded me of Lena Olin and The Polish Wedding.  
We met Chris and Emily there for dinner.  The Polish Village Cafe has a solid reputation and apparently appeared on the Food Network.  The food was well priced and fine but I wasn’t overwhelmed.  I’m really not a diner girl, whenever I’m served Dole lettuce and canned vegetables it’s a turn off.  However, I was very impressed by their wall art – specifically FDR’s portrait.  Gold star in my book!

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