Looking Forward

I’ve been in a funk for awhile now but I think it’s finally passing.  I’ve been reading old blog posts and I can’t believe how far I let myself get from what I want.  It wasn’t earth shattering but it has been significant.  
  • Fitness: I’m back at square one but I’m also back on track.  Having Amy to keep me accountable is a HUGE help.
  • Food: I really let the health area get out of hand.  I started drinking a lot of pop and no water but I’m recovering.  No pop for probably a month now and at least 40oz of water every day (another thing Amy is helping with).  I’ve been good about cooking but not great about being organic and all-natural. Our kitchen is almost cleared of all the bad stuff and then I will get us back on track.
  • Finance: It’s hard to say about this.  Money tends to disappoint since I don’t have as much as I want but right now I’m ready to take on anything.  I thoroughly went through our budget and I think I managed to put together something that is well balanced and responsible.  It allows us to enjoy life but also build a savings.
  • Fashion: I feel like this is an area where I could say I haven’t completely faltered.  The need to wear make-up certainly helps to keep me on my toes.
  • Friends and Family: This is where I feel like I’m on my A game.  I work really hard to ensure that I keep in touch with people and as evidenced by the parade of visitors to our new place I think I’m doing a good job!

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