My Favorite Things

Last year I posted what I wanted for Christmas. This year I’ll post about what I love and would recommend to others. I’ve discovered many new things in 2013 but here are the top items.
  1. Pete’s Chocolate: I try to patron local business when I can and this Detroit chocolatier is a definite winner. Currently a pop-up, this treat is definitely worth the trip to Eastern Market or Ferndale to pick up. I highly recommend the cherry pecan and cafe mocha truffles.
  2. Kohl’s Mudd Open Raglan Sweater: I went back and fourth about this sweater before finally picking it up. I’m so glad I did because it is a perfect staple piece for the winter.
  3. Cabela’s Wool Boot Socks: I have hated socks my entire life. As a child I refused to wear them. However, it was so chilly this weekend that I took Cara up on her offer to wear them and it’s seriously changed my life. I am now in love with these warm, cozy socks. Since my house temp is not going above 65 it’s a definite must-have.
  4. GreatShield Stretchable Neoprene Sport Armband Case: Although I love to run I really do require music as a distraction and this case is perfect.  The special key holder is an especially useful bonus.
  5. Leelanau Cellar’s Witches’ Brew: It’s hard to believe I’ve only been drinking wine for a year.  I’m pretty sure 60% of my wine consumption has been Witches’ Brew.  It tastes more like juice than wine and while that’s probably a bad thing it’s exactly what I love.
  6. Redbox: Yes I’m behind on the times with this one but we tried Redbox for the first time last week and it’s fantastic.  It’s impossible to beat $1 for movie.  So far we’ve rented Red 2 and Silver Linings Playbook (the former was definitely only worth $1).

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