Weekend Update

I had a nice busy weekend.  
Friday: I went to Milford after work to have dinner with Cara.  It was a great visit and she made a “vintage” meal.  Shrimp Alfredo is our signature dish.  She made it for me when I visited her at her apartment (before I moved upstairs) and it introduced me to garlic and started my culinary life.
Saturday: I headed to Canada with Auntie to watch CJ’s football game.  It was a fine visit and we had a good time.  Getting back home was a mess. Border patrol asks SO many personal questions it’s crazy.  Thankfully I made it home in time to hit the orchard with Danny.  It was a wonderful and peaceful afternoon trip.  We went to the Hakala’s for SNL night and although I don’t like Miley the show wasn’t bad and the GOP skit was good.
Sunday: Danny woke up and went to church as he promised and it was a great service like last time.  Then he abandoned me to watch the Lions with Cory but it worked out because B called me and we chatted for a while.  I miss her like crazy.  I’ve spent most of my free time going through pictures for our photo collage.  Before the game ended and between rainstorms I managed to get in an outdoor run.  I was glad too because I hate the treadmill.  To end the evening I watched Once Upon A Time and finally got some Rumbelle! 
Another busy weekend and a not too busy week. Dinner with Dad tonight and MEP Wednesday and Thursday. 

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