I’m all about happiness.  It’s not always easy to be happy.  However, I believe it’s a choice and that if you chose to view things positively happiness will come.  As a person who can suffer from blue periods I know it’s not always easy to do but it is worth it.  Currently, I’m very happy … More #100HappyDays

Union Street

Yesterday Danny and I had an impromptu date night.  Originally we were going to go on a double date to Slows but it was postponed.  Instead of going home we decided to try out a new restaurant in the city. The cold has kept me indoors so it was great to spend time in Detroit. … More Union Street

Weekend Update

I had a nice busy weekend.   Friday: I went to Milford after work to have dinner with Cara.  It was a great visit and she made a “vintage” meal.  Shrimp Alfredo is our signature dish.  She made it for me when I visited her at her apartment (before I moved upstairs) and it introduced … More Weekend Update

Food Truck Fun

The sun was shining in Metro Detroit this week and Danny and I took full advantage of it.  Tuesday night we went to downtown Plymouth for ice cream and a stroll around town.  We use to do it all the time when we first started dating so it was sweet and romantic to do it … More Food Truck Fun

Iron Man 3

Danny and I saw Iron Man 3 this weekend and I still can’t sort out my thoughts about it.   Robert Downey Jr. is irresistible so it’s impossible to not like the film a little.  I’m just not sure I liked it a lot.  I had the same feelings about about the latest Batman – it was … More Iron Man 3

Date Night

One of my goals for my 25th year is to spend quality time with Danny.  Relationships are rough and they require attention and dedication. Danny has been doing a great job with it.  First, the surprise trip to MSU for the opening of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum.  And then, the close to … More Date Night

Weekend Update

 Another busy weekend has come and gone. Friday night we went to Aunt Margaret’s for dinner with Mom and then stopped by Auntie’s for Anthony and Andrew’s birthday.  Since we didn’t leave AM’s until 10 p.m. I  kidnapped Mom and D for the trip to Auntie’s and it went surprisingly well.  Mom didn’t have any problems so … More Weekend Update