Iron Man 3

Danny and I saw Iron Man 3 this weekend and I still can’t sort out my thoughts about it.  
Robert Downey Jr. is irresistible so it’s impossible to not like the film a little.  I’m just not sure I liked it a lot.  I had the same feelings about about the latest Batman – it was too violent and over the top.  I really hope the industry gets past the need to outdo itself because it takes the fun out of the movie going experience for me.  Massive, deadly terrorist attacks hit too close to home to be entertaining.  Give me a simple bad guy and some action and I’m happy.  
The things that definitely worked with the film was the CGI.  I’m beyond impressed with actors these days.  Everything in the film looks so real and yet most of it isn’t.  So much work goes into movies these days that the credits are comically long; however, don’t forget it’s a MARVEL movie and waiting for the last scene is the best part.
I’ve read different things about whether or not RDJ will be in Avengers 2 and what kind of role he will play.  I hope it’s big because I love Tony Stark.  He’s arrogant but fun loving.  His lovable side definitely shines in this latest installation and overall I’d say it was worth the price of admission.

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