Food Truck Fun

The sun was shining in Metro Detroit this week and Danny and I took full advantage of it.  Tuesday night we went to downtown Plymouth for ice cream and a stroll around town.  We use to do it all the time when we first started dating so it was sweet and romantic to do it again.

Yesterday we went to a food truck event in Plymouth and it was the perfect last minute date.  Danny picked up a Ranchero sandwich from Concrete Cuisine and it was tasty.  I decided to try the Mac Shack and had the best macaroni ever.  I never write Yelp reviews but I had to for this place.  I’m definitely going to search them out again.

cheechs’ trip
 | chorizo, jalapeno, fresh pico, spicy cheese

I discovered this event from a posting on the Treat Dreams Facebook page.  They have a storefront in Ferndale that I have not been to yet (it is on my to-do list this summer); however, I had their ice cream at the  Girl Scout Cookie Gala.  At the store they offer really creative ice cream flavors such as Pistachio Wasabi and Honey Lavender.  Yesterday, they played it safe and went with more traditional options.  Danny had the Swedish Fish and it was fantastic.  I went with a “healthier” vegan ice cream: dark chocolate with peanut butter.  It tasted like sorbet and was delicious.
It was a great relaxing night.  Danny and I both agree we want to do more fun activities this year.

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