Fashion Weekend!

I did something very unusual this weekend.  I went shopping.  I bought a ton of stuff and barely spent any money!

We accumulated a ton of rewards with the Banana Republic card and most of it expires this month so I wanted to use it up asap.  Most of the weekend was spent planning our family vacation and I want to have fun summer clothes to wear.  I bought the above items from Old Navy and two shirts for Danny for $12 cash.  Now all I need are some comfortable walking sandals and I’ll be all set for the Big Apple.

I went to the Gap Outlet and picked up some yoga pants for $2 cash (after $10 reward money).  I’ll have more clothing to get in shape with so I can look good in the sexy lingere I bought with a VS giftcard from the wedding shower last year.

Not the actual clutch but as close a picture as I could find.
I wanted a headband and went to Charming Charlies to find one but had no luck in that department.  However, I had the best luck ever in finding a gold crocodile clutch for $5!  I have my Roslin/Raydor glasses and now I have a Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold purse!  It totally made my day because Captain Hook refers to him as the Crocodile and it’s beyond perfect.  
Finally, for $10 I picked up a Lacey shirt from H&M to have a Disney Bound outfit for Once Upon a Time this weekend!  I went Lacey with a touch of Gold.  It was fun and made my day.

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