Date Night

One of my goals for my 25th year is to spend quality time with Danny.  Relationships are rough and they require attention and dedication.

Danny has been doing a great job with it.  First, the surprise trip to MSU for the opening of the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum.  And then, the close to home cruise down the Wayne County Light Festival.

Wednesday I decided he was due.  Farmington has a cute downtown area and an old movie theater.  This week they are showing Looper and it’s a move Danny has been talking about for months.  If I were smarter I would have let that been the date.  A small pop and popcorn to go with it.  But I’m always one for excess.

The only display currently up at their mini-museum

I decided pre-movie drinks at John Crowley’s the pub next door.  Danny always wants to drink a beer with me but I hate beer so I thought it would be a nice treat.  He liked his beer and I could sip mine but not drink it.  So we decided to get onion rings to help me out.  Bad call fiscally and nutritionally.

Me and my beer.  That’s about all I could drink of it.

The movie was pretty good – Danny liked it.  A little scary for me but I’m easily frightened.

We had a good time and Danny was happy (so was I) but it was also an eye opening experience.

I really didn’t have to go overboard.  Danny would have been just as happy to only see the movie (and skip the large popcorn and two pops – it was a combo deal) or to just get a beer with me.  Instead of having an intimate, fun date night with my hubby for $10.  I have a buyer’s remorse and a major guilt trip over spending $40 on a Wednesday night.  Lesson learned.

Nevertheless, it was a good time and I can’t wait for our next date night.

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