Big B Weekend

Another super busy weekend but it was great.  Saturday night I went to Alyssa’s Christmas ballet recital.  It was great as usual.  The costumes were new and absolutely gorgeous this year.  I wish I could have taken a picture of her in the green Victorian dress but it was basically identical to Samantha the America Girl doll but her hair was spiral curled.  If I ever have a daughter I plan to dress her in dresses with bows everyday.
Sunday morning we made a pit stop at Mr. B’s before going to Kathy’s to help Joe move the old tv and set up the new one.  I was totally opposed to the idea and made no secret of it.  Mr. B was upset when he was told the news but I think he’ll be okay with it.  He doesn’t like that his kids (namely Joe) forces things on him and treats him like he doesn’t know better. Which was my concern.  He said (and Mrs. B told us) not to get him a television and I thought it would be best just to listen to him.  Especially right now when he’s having such a hard time adjusting.  He’s so depressed and it breaks my heart.  Danny and I are going to work harder to spend more time with him.  Also at the mention of my Wordbird I have to say that I love him so much.  When Mr. B was particularly upset about the tv Danny totally blamed it on Ed (who was not there and lives in New Mexico) – such a me move and I couldn’t have been more proud.  
I was also proud of myself because when we were over his house at night I tried my best to distract him from the boys working on the television and braved asking about what to call him.  He was no help.  He told me to call him whatever I want “Call me Dad, call me Mr. B, call me whatever you want.” Except Ron, he doesn’t believe in calling in-laws by their first name.  I would never call him Ron anyway because I don’t like calling older people by their first names – something Professor Pam Pennock and Mr. Mike Hughes are trying to get me to adjust.  
Everyone was at Kathy’s to celebrate Mr. B, Madison, and Rob’s birthdays – a full house.  Madison pulled out her new violin and gave a mini concert.  She’s only been playing for three months and she’s doing really well!    
My dancing queen Erin wanted in on the action and reprised her ballet moves from the night before and danced to Madison’s music.  After Madison was done Erin gave her own concert and sang to the tune of Christmas music for probably an hour.  She’s too adorable.  I’d steal her in a heartbeat.
We had plenty of dessert to chose from but I really think I’m weening myself off of sweets because I only ate a slice of the red velvet cake Madison made.  Kathy was scared about how it would taste because Madison made it for Rob but forgot about the eggs until the very end.  I had a similar experience when I was her age but I forgot the eggs entirely!  I told her that story and could genuinely report that I loved her cake. Danny was a great uncle and did the same.  Madison got TONS of gifts for her birthday and I certainly couldn’t overshadow the ipod touch from her Grandma but I still think she liked the outfit.  She’s such a sweet girl and  loves everything she gets.  Including a picture and loose string from Madeline.
The highlight of my weekend was getting some quality cuddle time with baby Kensley AND being asked to be her Godmother!  I was really, really hoping for it and was SO excited to be asked.  After Mary mentioned asking Nick’s sister at Halloween I thought I was out but alas I made the cut!  Now I have an extra cutie to shop for!  Godparenting is big in Danny’s family so I feel like I’m officially part of the group now.  I’m also glad because it will give me an extra chance to hang out with Mary and her kids.  I see Teri and Kathy’s kids more and I feel bad not to do things with Madeline and Alex so hopefully this will help pave the way there.  
My B filled calendar isn’t up yet.  We’re going to Mr. B’s tonight to help some more with the new television and Mary will be there with her family to help him decorate the tree.  Tomorrow we’re taking Mr. B out for his birthday dinner.

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