My blog roll is overwhelmed with expectant mothers.  Although I have babies on the brain (and it’s awful!!!) I am not having a baby!  Three years is the timeframe.  I shall suffer for that time period if I must (although I’d MUCH rather get over it!).  In the meantime I’ll take comfort with the adorable … More Godmothering

I’m a Godmother

I became Kensley’s godmother yesterday and I officially feel like a member of the Budzinski family.  Being a godparent is a big deal because it’s how you get to buy gifts for the kids and go to their birthday parties.   Kensley is a cutie and was such a trooper at the baptism.  She didn’t … More I’m a Godmother

Tis the Season

I had a Dickens-esque Christmas holiday. Part I: Christmas Present and Future. It’s looking good.  There are tons of cuties for me to play with.  Delicious food.  Lots of love and fun. Me with my soon to be God-daughter Kensley and my little girl Erin who I’d steal in a heartbeat. Erin is the most … More Tis the Season

Big B Weekend

Another super busy weekend but it was great.  Saturday night I went to Alyssa’s Christmas ballet recital.  It was great as usual.  The costumes were new and absolutely gorgeous this year.  I wish I could have taken a picture of her in the green Victorian dress but it was basically identical to Samantha the America … More Big B Weekend