My blog roll is overwhelmed with expectant mothers.  Although I have babies on the brain (and it’s awful!!!) I am not having a baby!  Three years is the timeframe.  I shall suffer for that time period if I must (although I’d MUCH rather get over it!).  In the meantime I’ll take comfort with the adorable little babies in my life (thankfully I have plenty).

Best news is that my Erin girl loves me again!!!  What I wouldn’t do to spend a day with her?!  She’s sooo much fun.  Perhaps I’ll convince Teri to let me have a girl’s day sometime.  While I might not have my “big” girl I have my little baby goddaughters to see me through.

They are ADORABLE!!! It was Kensley’s first birthday this weekend!  She’s so tiny and walking around with great confidence, it looks like CGI.  She’s a doll and a great birthday girl even though she’s teething.  I was able to live out my dream of having my godchildren together in a room MUCH earlier than I expected because I was babysitting Gwen.

She is precious and so easy to watch.  I had her all day and took her to breakfast with Cara who appreciated a baby to play with (she’s also suffering baby brain).  Gwen can’t talk or walk and doesn’t even crawl that much.  She hardly cries either!  When we got home from the party I was exhausted and hoped she would be too but she wasn’t.  Instead she sat on the couch with me and watched Disney Jr. without a fight as I fought sleep.

I’m not entirely sure if this weekend helped or hurt my biological clock’s obnoxious demands but it was fun nevertheless.  I think Danny and I will be good parents one day and hopefully we’ll have our own girl to add to the roster of goddaughters (Madison and Elain are also on the list).  I certainly make sure to remind Danny of this one a daily basis – poor man – but I want my Katie Scarlett…

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