Tis the Season

I had a Dickens-esque Christmas holiday.

Part I: Christmas Present and Future.

It’s looking good.  There are tons of cuties for me to play with.  Delicious food.  Lots of love and fun.

Me with my soon to be God-daughter Kensley and my little girl Erin who I’d steal in a heartbeat.

Erin is the most adorable girl ever.  She’s three and finally understands that presents come with Christmas.  Unlike some kids (although never a B kid), she didn’t cry, whine or beg for presents.  She just glumly walked around the house waiting.  And even when the present passing started and she didn’t get one she sat patiently.  I let her play with my phone to kill time before she unwrapped a pillow pet she immediately named Bob.

Danny and his God-daughters Madison and Elain

Madison was uncharacteristically chatty and talked with us for a while.  Most of the kids wanted to play with Danny too which was really nice.  I’m really looking forward to getting a bigger place to we can have the kids over.  The gifts went over really well.  Madison loved the wrapping paper and bow like I hoped she would.  And Todd texted me a picture of Elain wearing her dress on Christmas day.

Here’s a couple other pictures of some more kids but I didn’t get any shots of Grace, Reese or Alex.
Madison, Madeline, Audrey and Alyssa and Sydney and Aidan playing Danny’s vintage Battleship.

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