Weekend Round Up

Saturday night we finally saw the Hakala’s again.  Unfortunately, babies are suppose to sleep at night so I didn’t get any cuddle time with Gwen.  Bummer.  I did get to sneak a peak at her and she’s a cutie.  So tiny.  

Since I didn’t have a baby to occupy myself I made Lindsey and I martinis and drank WAY too much.  So much that I reached the ‘I will never drink again’ state of drinking.

Thanks to plenty of drinking water I wasn’t to bad off Sunday.  Danny and I went on a road trip.   B was going to come with us but she wasn’t feeling well.  So we headed to Clarkston and The Union for a date lunch.  Danny’s co-worker raves about it and it was on the Food Network.  We waited for 30 minutes and checked out the menu on the wall.  When we were seated and given a menu it was NOT what was posted on the wall.  Turns out the proprietors own the block and they name everything Union.  We were at the Kitchen and not the Woodshop.  So we picked up and headed to the actual destination.

 The Woodshop was okay but nothing to write home about as far as I was concerned (although that may have been due to the little hangover).  One very cool thing was the picture of FDR hanging on the wall.  There is nothing cooler than that.

Our road trip was multipurpose and next up was Great Lakes Crossing.  It is a disaster mall.  Very crowded and everyone walks SO slow.  We needed to make an exchange at Banana Republic Factory Store because the jeans we got Danny in November broke.  We perused some other shops including TJ Maxx where I found the above chair.  It was absolutely perfect to complete our living room at a reasonable $99.  Turned out the Farmington store had it too and we picked it up.  We’re moving in three weeks and will finally have space to entertain people but that means we need a place for people to sit!
Our final stop was to another mini-roadtrip east to Rochester in search of a gluten-free cannoli for B.  At a little shop appropriately named Holy Cannolis we found what we needed and she has enjoyed it – admittedly so have I.

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