Union Street

Yesterday Danny and I had an impromptu date night.  Originally we were going to go on a double date to Slows but it was postponed.  Instead of going home we decided to try out a new restaurant in the city. The cold has kept me indoors so it was great to spend time in Detroit.  Union Street isn’t brand new but we had never been there before.  The food was great and we’ll definitely be back.  Danny’s chicken and waffles entree was definitely the must-have dish.  I’ve always been skeptical of chicken and waffles but the sauce was such a perfect sweet and savory combination.  The service was great and the location is perfect.  In the center of Midtown you can definitely get a city vibe.
Fun nights like that make me wish for a Detroit that was or the acceleration of what it can be.  I love city life but unfortunately the D isn’t quite there yet.  It’s certainly on the uptick.  Even if we wanted to we couldn’t afford to live downtown or in midtown.  We have friends looking to move to the neighborhoods but I don’t trust it that much yet. Plus it’s a little farther from our family and friends then we’d like to be.  
Nevertheless, I definitely want to spend more time there so Danny and I have decided that our monthly dates must take place in Detroit City ❤

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