February Meals

Since February is the month of love I decided to select our all-time favorite meals for the menu.  Some of these meals make a regular appearance at our house and others are reserved for special occasions.  None of the recipes are difficult to make but a couple take a little bit of time.
  1. Creme Brulee French Toast *
  2. Pizza Rolls*
  3. Chicken Enchilada Bake
  4. Quiche*
  5. Sausage and Basil Stuffed Mushrooms*
  6. Baked Ziti
  7. Shrimp Pizza*
  8. Open Faced Pesto Chicken Burger
  9. Cajun Chicken Alfredo
  10. Sweet and Sour Chicken
  11. Meatloaf (not pictured)

Bonus recipe: This Chocolate Cheesecake Mousse is fantastic.  
I recommend blending raspberries with the chocolate. 
When I make it for Mr. B I’m going to attempt to use it as filling for little chocolate cookie sandwiches.

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