DIY Facials

I often read or see on Pinterest facial with food and I’ve always been curious about what it’s like.  This weekend the boys had game night and I convinced Lindsey to experiment with me.  The recipes/directions were from a Woman’s Day article and we had mixed results. Since I don’t have a regular beauty routine, I’m no … More DIY Facials

February Meals

Since February is the month of love I decided to select our all-time favorite meals for the menu.  Some of these meals make a regular appearance at our house and others are reserved for special occasions.  None of the recipes are difficult to make but a couple take a little bit of time. Creme Brulee … More February Meals

April Meals

It’s warming up around here but it’s still chilly enough to enjoy some hearty meals. I tried to select balanced recipes that limited our carb and cheese/cream intake because we’ve definitely over indulged in those areas.  The pizza rolls, Asian tacos and Mexican casserole are tried and true winners but the other recipes are new.  I’ve made stuffed shells … More April Meals