DIY Facials

I often read or see on Pinterest facial with food and I’ve always been curious about what it’s like.  This weekend the boys had game night and I convinced Lindsey to experiment with me.  The recipes/directions were from a Woman’s Day article and we had mixed results. Since I don’t have a regular beauty routine, I’m no expert on what to look out for but this was our general impression.

Verdict: This looked awful.  So bad in fact that Lindsey only tried it on her hands.  Surprisingly, I liked it.  I used Trader Joe’s steel cut oats and found that they felt like little pearls on my skin.  This was more than enough for two people and if I used it again I would cut it by a forth.

Verdict: This was the same as any face soap in texture and feel.  Lemon oil was found at the Better Health Market and surprisingly well priced ($5).  This made more than enough for two people.

Verdict: Bust.  We rubbed the papaya on our face and felt silly but not otherwise different.

Verdict: The mixture did tighten and dry to create a mask.  It was a little difficult to completely wash off but not too bad.

Verdict: It was relaxing to have our eyes closed while we chatted but we didn’t notice a difference.

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