DIY Facials

I often read or see on Pinterest facial with food and I’ve always been curious about what it’s like.  This weekend the boys had game night and I convinced Lindsey to experiment with me.  The recipes/directions were from a Woman’s Day article and we had mixed results. Since I don’t have a regular beauty routine, I’m no … More DIY Facials

Real Simple

I let most of my magazine subscriptions end so you can imagine my excitement when I received Real Simple in the mail Monday.  A quality Martha Stewart magazine on a below freezing day was just what I wanted.  Here are the top 5 finds in this month’s issue. Break from technology: How I miss the … More Real Simple

Revlon Love

As I get older I realize more and more the importance of make-up.  It’s getting really uncomfortable looking in a mirror.  The result is that I’m now much more faithful about wearing make-up.  I hate the extra work and REALLY need to shape up with the make-up removal process (and skincare in general) but today … More Revlon Love