I discovered Sherlock this past week and it’s wonderful.  Also the easiest marathon I’ve ever done with only 9 episodes.  Although I spent a good part of my weekend watching the show I’m not addicted to it.  It may come but currently I’m in the clear.  My biggest attraction to the show is that it will be a great group costume for Halloween.  Brett may very well be an addict and is already prepared to grow out and dye his hair (Lindsey is thrilled…).

As much as I’d love to partake, it’s my cross to bare that I won’t look like 98% of the people one would want to be for Halloween.  Since, I can’t possibly pass as Irene Adler or Mrs. Watson I’ll have to settle for one of Watson’s unidentified girlfriends.  The bonus of this is that it’ll be an easy costume.

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