October Checklist

We’ve got a lot going on this month and I don’t see things slowing down for the rest of the year! Here are the fun things that are on our agenda that will be mixed in with playdates, house projects and plenty of football! Soccer Tots – Saturday will be soccer day with Detroit City … More October Checklist

Happy Halloween

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. These kids are family and I love that we all get together. Halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine but it could become one. Since we live in a subdivision the Hs and Ss came over for trick or treating. We made an easy but … More Happy Halloween


I discovered Sherlock this past week and it’s wonderful.  Also the easiest marathon I’ve ever done with only 9 episodes.  Although I spent a good part of my weekend watching the show I’m not addicted to it.  It may come but currently I’m in the clear.  My biggest attraction to the show is that it … More Sherlock

Happy Halloween

Halloween is Danny’s favorite holiday but in our four Halloweens together as a couple we have never celebrated or dressed up.  This year we were invited to Kristin and Paul’s party and dressed for the occasion.  I used my wonderful bachelorette gift and went as Batgirl and Danny went as a zombie. He looked good … More Happy Halloween