October Checklist


We’ve got a lot going on this month and I don’t see things slowing down for the rest of the year! Here are the fun things that are on our agenda that will be mixed in with playdates, house projects and plenty of football!

Soccer Tots – Saturday will be soccer day with Detroit City Football Club and Lucas’ best bud Chase and fiancee Estella. I hope has fun running around with friends and I look forward to chatting with the parents.

Go on a weekly hike with Lucas – everyone loves the idea of fall weather but I think it’s rainier than we remember… regardless I want to find nice moments to get back to nature and to get moving. Here are some trails on my list and I want to take Lucas to this event too.

6 Year Anniversary – Danny surprised me with tickets to Firebird at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for our anniversary and we always go for dinner at the Dearborn Inn.

Empowerment Summit – The 20th will be a busy day because Mother: The Summit is all day downtown. It looks like a great event and I’m excited to meet some new folks and see ones I know.

HALLOWEEN! Lucas is a holiday kid and loves wearing his Dash costume (aka pajama set) so we’ll be checking out plenty of Halloween parties around town to show it off. The Hakalas have been coming over for years and I hope they will again this year.

More Fall Fun –¬†Hopefully the weather cooperates so we can get fall pictures at Cranbrook and go to Pumpkin Fest at Wilson’s Barn.

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