International Literary Project: Australia

It’s unsettling how long it took me to finish Australia.  I thought the 2 months to finish Asia was shameful but this takes the cake.  Part of the problem was holidays.  I didn’t prioritize reading and read a book or two outside of this project. Here’s hoping I complete Africa in a more respectable timeframe.

Since Australia is one continent and one country I only read four books.  Unfortunately, my selections weren’t great. 
  1. My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin – A cute novel written in the 1890s by a female Australian teenager.  It’s melodramatic as most teens are but a fine read.
  2. A Commonwealth of Thieves: The Improbable Birth of Australia by Thomas Keneally – A brilliantly written history of the colonization of Australia. This book was easy to read and educational.  Highly Recommend
  3. Dreamkeepers by Harvey Arden – I’m not sure how this made the list because Arden is American and you can tell when you read the book.  It’s patronizing and I felt shame reading it.  Nevertheless, it was informative.
  4. The Journals of Captain Cook by James Cook – This book was too dull to finish.  Captain Cook kept fine notes of exploring the coast of Australia but it’s tedious.
  5. Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers – I selected this book because Travers is Australian and after watching Saving Mr. Banks I was curious.  What a disappointment!  The book is NOTHING like Mary Poppins the movie; therefore, I have no idea what they were talking about in Saving Mr. Banks.  Mary Poppins is not a nice person and the book was long and quite dull.
Australia is the second highest grossing film and stars some of the continent’s finest.  It’s a long film but it’s satisfying.  It reminds me of Pearl Harbor.  The highlight of watching this movie is that it left me satisfied that I had learned about the country.  There were many plot points that I would not have understood or appreciated without reading the books listed above (except Mary Poppins).

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