A Happy Medium

As previously mentioned I’m a “recovering” television addict.  I use the word lightly because I’ve probably been off the wagon more than on in the last couple years.  This weekend it was all about Once Upon A Time and M*A*S*H.  The shows are polar opposites and I suppose that’s fitting because most of my interests … More A Happy Medium

Weekend Update

I had a nice busy weekend.   Friday: I went to Milford after work to have dinner with Cara.  It was a great visit and she made a “vintage” meal.  Shrimp Alfredo is our signature dish.  She made it for me when I visited her at her apartment (before I moved upstairs) and it introduced … More Weekend Update


I recently returned home from the East coast the highlight of the trip was definitely Wicked.  I was leery about spending so much for a play but it was an absolute must for B.  I’m happy to say it was absolutely worth it.  I LOVED it!  The primary roles were played by regular Lindsay Mendez … More Wicked

Where I’ve Been…

I’m an addict.  I’m not even sure what kind of addict I am exactly – a fantasy addict perhaps.  Thankfully, it’s nothing deadly or expensive but it is a time-suck.  I definitely have sympathy for more serious addicts because I have NO control over this stuff.  It happens and I don’t see it coming.  I didn’t see … More Where I’ve Been…