I recently returned home from the East coast the highlight of the trip was definitely Wicked.  I was leery about spending so much for a play but it was an absolute must for B.  I’m happy to say it was absolutely worth it.  I LOVED it!  The primary roles were played by regular Lindsay Mendez as Elphaba and understudy Tiffany Haas as Glinda.  Mendez was great but Haas stole the show.  Utter perfection.  I wish you could buy these things on tape because I’d love to see it again; however, I can’t imagine anyone else in the roles.  
What I loved most about the show is that it’s FANFICTION!  I don’t think most people think about that when they see the show but it was the first thing I noticed.  I was always embarrassed by the type of writing I did but I’ve really come to embrace it.  Seeing POPULAR reception of the medium is quite encouraging and fun.
Here’s some amazing fanfiction that doesn’t require background too appreciate: Aeternus Eternus and A Bed of Thorns.  

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