Happy Friday!

What a week. I think I’m having writer’s withdrawal or remorse.  I spent every waking hour writing for 3 weeks and now that it’s over I don’t know what to do with myself.  Fortunately, I get the best pick me up in the world tonight.  After a Gwenless month we finally get our favorite girlie … More Happy Friday!

Moments to Shine

Yesterday at a concert Kristin Chenoweth invited a random audience member to join her for a Wicked duet.  She was in for QUITE a surprise. It reminded me of the surprise Michael Buble got a couple years ago.


I recently returned home from the East coast the highlight of the trip was definitely Wicked.  I was leery about spending so much for a play but it was an absolute must for B.  I’m happy to say it was absolutely worth it.  I LOVED it!  The primary roles were played by regular Lindsay Mendez … More Wicked