Snow/Charming, Aurora/Philip, Cinderella/Thomas and Ariel/Eric

I’m not going to do a detailed recap of my trip but I did want to mention my Disneybound fun! It all started with that pink tank top that gave me the idea to Disneybound as Aurora for a day.  I found a spinning wheel necklace on Ebay that was perfect for Sleeping Beauty AND Belle/Rumbelle.  Things escalated quickly and I decided we’d dress as a couple.  Weather factors, missing belts and a burned Belle dress ruined our Belle/Adam and Pocahontas/John Smith days but all in all it worked out well.

My other disappointment was with the location for the photos.  I loved that Sleeping Beauty was in the forest.  I wanted Cinderella at the Liberty Bell but that photo was horrible, The Little Mermaid on the boardwalk but there were time constraints and Snow White in Central Park.  It’s too bad it didn’t work out but I do like the side by side for Snow in the Disney Store.

I was such a perfect Ariel that I left both the Borgata and the Taj Mahal with the impression that I was under 21.  B and I had to wait for 20 minutes at security while they verified our ages.

My Storybrooke Belle dress (not pictured) is my favorite; however, I do love my Evil Queen look.  

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