The Big Three

New York Magazine referred to Hillary, Oprah and Martha as “the holy trinity of single-name American power women” and I have to agree.  Not only have they reach the height of power and prestige but they’ve maintained it for decades.  Each have had their ups and downs and if you believe the articles below they’re each at a different part of success now.

According to NY Magazine Martha is as hot as ever.  In spite of (or perhaps because) her time in the Big House she continues to attract legions of fans, including young women in the desirable 18-34 demographic.  Her key to success? Not giving a damn about what other people think about her or her ideas.  The Queen of confidence Martha may be an unapologetic bitch but she’s selling something people wants to buy.

Unfortunately, for Oprah her products are currently less desirable.  She wants people to strive for their best life but the marketability of such a product is a tough sell to young women – at least in her current format (O magazine and OWN).  I feel her pain because I try to spread a similar message to my MEP girls.  Thankfully, I have a bit more Martha in me and am not too eager to please.  Oprah is quite the opposite.  She’s no martyr but she likes to be liked.  I’m sure the transition from her television program isn’t going as smoothly as she hoped.

The life transition I’m most curious (and eager) about is Hillary’s.  I’ve admired her for as long as I’ve known what the word admire is.  She’s faced so many challenges but always handles them with dignity and grace.  I hope she’s enjoying her break from public life but I expect she won’t stay away for long.  I can only hope the American public remembers her likability and success as U.S. Senator and Secretary of State in 2016.

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