A Happy Medium

As previously mentioned I’m a “recovering” television addict.  I use the word lightly because I’ve probably been off the wagon more than on in the last couple years.  This weekend it was all about Once Upon A Time and M*A*S*H.  The shows are polar opposites and I suppose that’s fitting because most of my interests make no sense.

After writing 10,000 words for Rumbelle I decided to unwind on YouTube and watch my old music videos.  I’ve been making them for years and the early videos are extremely poor quality (i.e. I recorded my computer screen with a camera).  Ever since Danny introduced me to Frapps I really wanted redo my a couple of my favorite videos so that they are watchable for the general public.

I spent a lot of Sunday redoing this M*A*S*H video.  It’s always been one of my favorites.  The show is fantastic and it was great to speed watch 6 seasons.  I think a slow watch is in order and am considering including the first 5 seasons (although I doubt I will).

The most satisfying thing about all this is that I’ve really learned to balance my most happy hobbies with a productive lifestyle.  For many years I was completely satisfied hidden away in a fantasy land. I don’t particularly regret it (and could very well do it again) but I like being productive and doing valuable things.  The past couple days I took a lot of me time that wasn’t practicing the keyboard reading for the literary project or cleaning (although I did force myself to the gym).  I could have limited myself to that but I didn’t.  I happily met up with Ann on Saturday morning, Lindsey Saturday night and Cara Sunday morning.  I talked to B and Gina.  Danny and I went on a lunch date and a photography adventure.  
Plenty of respectable activities to accompany my more indulgent ones.  I still have some fun projects I want to finish but I’m glad to know that it won’t prevent me from doing the other things I need/want to take care of.

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