Where I’ve Been…

I’m an addict.  I’m not even sure what kind of addict I am exactly – a fantasy addict perhaps.  Thankfully, it’s nothing deadly or expensive but it is a time-suck.  I definitely have sympathy for more serious addicts because I have NO control over this stuff.  It happens and I don’t see it coming. 

I didn’t see this coming in the long run but I knew it was coming right before it happened.  It was first time I felt my addictive personality get switched on and I truly believe I should be studied by doctors. 
Battlestar Galactica was a complete and utter surprise but so worth it.  It’s beyond brilliant and amazing and everyone should watch it.  I can’t say the same thing about my latest obsession.*
I started watching Once Upon A Time when I was bored on random Sunday nights.  Then with some regularity to have something to talk to Gina and Sheila about.  I watched most of the season.  I even watched the first season on Netflix because the show is so confusing.  I was FINE.  I never even tried to be home to see it or rush to watch the DVR.  
Danny was out with his buddies last weekend so I had the television to myself.  I was only half watching the show until some point in Sherwood Forest I began a Rumbeller.  The rest of my night was spent Googling, Tumbling, and Tweeting.  Oh the technology available for fangirls.  

Rumbelle by the way is Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold and Belle a.k.a Beauty and the Beast.  In my casual watching Mr. Gold was my favorite.  Robert Carlyle is insane with the acting and deserves a lot of awards.  
I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I hope whatever this thing that happens to me wears off because it’s exhausting.  Literally.  I like being a productive individual; however, like all good addicts I’m not looking for help yet.  I just want the ‘high’.  This is ofcourse made worse by the fact summer hiatus is fast approaching!  Four long months of WAITING.  Torture.  At least I’ll have Major Crimes.
Anyway since I am trying to make this blog a bit more informative I’ll give you some professional insight of being a fangirl.
1. It’s a shameless addiction.  I am ashamed but only because I have no shame and I know I should.
2. Tumblr is the dealer and drug house for all such addicts.  It can give you the false sense of not being so crazy because you witness so much crazy.
3. Twitter.  Oh Twitter you’re a wealth of information and entertainment.  Especially when the stars you’re now obsessed with are live tweeting and tweet regularly.  Nothing makes my day more than hearing that actors I like to watch work together, actually like to work together.
4. YouTube: A time suck on a good day, a time vortex when you have serious issues.  Between clips, interviews and fan music videos it’s a lost cause.
5. DVR, Netflix and Killian Jones: Watching and rewatching.  And getting clips to make videos to put on YouTube.
6. Fanfiction.net: I don’t know why I’m so proud that all my shows are the most highly written about…
There you have it the shameful truth….I hope this passes quickly.
*I definitely give props to all the actors on the show because most of the time everything is done with a green screen and that has got to be challenging.

3 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been…

  1. fear not. one thing I have going for me is I have no desire to meet these peeps. except for Mary McDonnell on bsg/mc because she is reported as being the sweetest person.


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