A True Inspiration: Rashida Tlaib

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some impressive political leaders: Hillary and Bill Clinton (a couple times each), Barack Obama (before he was president) and John Dingell (who never ceases to impress me) to name a few.  True rock stars and game changers.  No one – not even my beloved Hillary – has impressed me as much as Michigan State Representative Rashida Tlaib.  

A Detroit native she has remained loyal to her neighborhood and works tirelessly to improve the area and the state.  I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at a couple events and thought it would be an amazing opportunity for my MEP girls hear her speak too.  I never would have guessed how easy it would be to get her to come.  One email sent and I received a personal response from her within hours and a call from her staff the next day.

Representative Tlaib has no pretense and is completely down to earth.  She pulled out a chair and sat down to have a true conversation with the girls.  She answered questions with a lot of detail but talked to them at their level.  Her passion and commitment is evident in everything she says and I felt so inspired listening to her.  It is rare to see a public official so dedicated to helping people – real every day people in real time.  I cringe at the thought that she may not always be in office but I also don’t want to wish a life time of politics on her because it’s a lot of stress and work.  So in the meantime I will enjoy watching her career and do what I can to help her continue to do good work.

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