The Bagel Business

Detroit Institue of Bagels

I’m a problem solver by nature.  If I see a deficiency I want to fix it.  Well, if I’m completely honest I’d rather someone else fill void.  Not because I don’t want to do the work but I generally don’t feel confident enough to do it myself.  This blog is a prime example.  I wanted to read about life in Detroit.  I waited and hoped someone would start one but when I couldn’t find what I wanted, I decided to create it.

A few years ago, I noticed a similar opening in the bagel business.  There was not one bagel shop in downtown Detroit.  Ok, that’s not entirely true, there was a Tim Horton’s but generally if an office wanted bagels for the morning or a meeting you had to go to a Panera in the burbs.  I thought that was ridiculous and a missed financial opportunity for someone.  I borrowed Lindsey’s standing mixer and we started to experiment with bagel making.  I made traditional bagels (plain, sesame and salt) and more creative options (orange/pomegranate and chia seed).  I received positive feedback from my test subjects (a.k.a. my co-workers).  I’m risk adverse by nature so this was a slow moving process and I felt relieved when I read about a new bagel company in the city – Detroit Institute of Bagels.

Located in Corktown it’s conveniently close to my office and makes my favorite flavor bagel – Everything.  They also offer sandwiches, coffee, other drinks and a nice, bright atmosphere.  Best of all a bagel shop is now one more “big city must-have” Detroit can check off the list.

Detroit Institue of Bagels

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