Happy Friday

I am not a Seinfeld fan.  I think it kind of offends Danny and I’m sure it offends others; however, I’ve never found him particularly likable or very funny.  That said, I really enjoy his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  The show is exactly what it sounds likes.  He picks up celebrities in cars that are meaningful to them in some way, they chat and get coffee.  Surprisingly, I find him both funny and likable in the episodes.  This week’s guest star is one of my favorite ladies, Sarah Jessica Parker, and she is as charming as she always is.  
This weekend is busier than I initially anticipated but in a good way.  Gwen is spending the weekend with us and I bought way too many things for her yesterday but couldn’t help myself.  Once Gwen is in bed I will be baking a few dozen cupcakes and watching the best show ever with Danny.  Saturday, I’m going to Kat’s birthday party and Annecia’s graduation party.  Sunday is River Days and I’m really hoping the weather cooperates.
P.S. Turns out my fangirl problems reach their peek in June, oh well.

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