River Days

Renaissance Center Detroit River Days

It was a beautiful weather weekend for River Days downtown.  The Detroit Riverfront is an excellent example of the city’s growth and improvement over the years.  The Conservancy does a fantastic job expanding river access to the public and creating a premier destination for residents and visitors.  The annual fair hosts a traditional carnival, live music/events and an art competition.  Since I work downtown I was able to get courtesy wristbands from Flagstar Bank.  It was my first visit to the event and made for a fun sister outing.  
The highlight for me was Detroit ArtScape, an art competition where visitors could text their vote to select a winner.  Public art is popping up around the city but most of it is temporary.  I imagine it’s hard to maintain but I’d love to see a permanent art collection on the riverwalk.  I took pictures of my favorite pieces but you can find them all on the official website.
albert young detroit river days
Albert Young, Detroit
This was my favorite piece from the competition.
I love glass work.
ray katz detroit river days
Ray Katz, Pontiac

jennie burt detroit river days
Jennie M. Burt, Monroe
These murals are airbrushed with auto paint on aluminum.
According to B this means a car could be painted with these designs.

kegham tazin Detroit river days
Kegham Tazin, Farmington Hills

Timothy Burke, Harper Woods 

The art competition was great but my favorite piece was GM’s art display.  It was fun to see the unique models in the tires.  Bigger pictures can be found on Facebook.

UpCycle Detroit River Days GM
“UpCycle Detroit” GM Design Collaborative Sculpture

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