The Top 10

It’s always interesting to see what blog post end up being popular. It often seems random and the posts I’m most excited for don’t get a lot of traffic or posts I feel could have been done better get lots of hits. Interestingly, my most popular post of all time is the International Literary Project for Africa. I feel like it must have made the rounds on Pinterest or something but I have no idea (I’ve not prioritized analytics). And even though this is not a food blog, recipes posts are always a hit. Since this is a Detroit blog, I’ll stick to the most popular posts as they relate to the city.

10. Grand Circus Park

9. Life in Detroit: Chris & Emily

8. Eastern Market Spotlight: Pie Guys Bakery

7. Taqo Detroit

6. Belle Isle Conservancy

5. Campus Martius

4. Detroit Restaurant Week: The Jefferson House

3. Life in Detroit: Charles Ashley

2. Life in Detroit: Carl Levin*

1. Corktown Tour

*Chloe’s first interview is actually number second place but I shared that yesterday.

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