Gold Cash Gold

Last year Danny and I previewed Gold Cash Gold on the Corktown walking tour and were even able to talk with chef Josh Stockton in his apartment.  I’ve been anxious to check it out ever since and this weekend we finally got our chance. We hit the town with Gina and Garrett Saturday night and had a true ‘New Detroit’ experience – a 2+ hour wait for a table. Not only that but The Sugar House had a 40 minute wait.  Consequently, we found a table at long-time Michigan Ave. dive bar*, LJs, and got comfortable. I 100% expected a long wait time, my dinner dates – not so much, but good conversation helped the time go by.

When we were seated we were amply rewarded for our wait with the best table in the house!  A booth tucked in the wall of the back room close to the open kitchen and the large, farmhouse Chef’s table.  I could not have been more thrilled with the arrangement.  Since we were all pretty hungry we started out with some appetizers – Farmer’s Bread and Crispy Pig Ears. Both dishes were fantastic.  I don’t like bacon but the pig ears were amazing.

We ordered a full sampling of the menu for dinner: Root Vegetable Soup, 3-Day Short Rib, Charred Octopus & Cuttlefish and Pickle Brine Fried Chicken. Elegant and delicious, all plates were left empty.  Gina and I made sure to leave room for dessert and the Hazelnut Trifle was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.

Gold Cash Gold is already on the “Best of Detroit” lists and for good reason.  The atmosphere, service and menu are exactly what you want for a nice afternoon lunch or a night on the town. A friendly reminder that it’s incredibly popular and there will inevitably be a wait – particularly on the weekend. Have a snack before you head to dinner and think about how great this is for the city. And don’t forget the menu is seasonal and most of these yummy items will be switched out before long.

*It’s a dive bar but it’s bright enough and not dirty (although I would caution to bring sanitizer for the bathroom).

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