Happy Friday!

Valentine’s Day weekend is not something we go out the way for but we do use it as an excuse to buy something we want and go out to dinner. If the day has any value outside of Hallmark, it is to feel loved and appreciated.  Fortunately, I feel that way all the time and don’t need special day for it.  The biggest take away from reading my old blog is that I was madly in love with Danny – I gush endlessly about him. I’m still madly in love with him but I may be a little old to gush; nevertheless, he is wonderful, sweet, sexy and adorable and I love him very much.
Now on to the weekend…tonight is family game night with Tash. We’re playing Catan and I can’t wait.  It’s my new favorite board game. Tomorrow I’m going on a Detroit adventure even if it is colder than Siberia.  In the evening we’re going to the Edison for dinner and, maybe, Axis at MGM for some dancing. Sunday I’m going to have brunch with Gram and see Selma with Andrew and Granny.

P.S. My latest girl crush

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