I decided to read my old blog and it’s been a humbling, cringe worthy and entertaining experience.  I’ve made it through 2009 to 2011 and discovered I forgot most of the things I did! My former blogs (and even this one prior to the change) were basically online journals.*  I was young and it was obvious.  That’s not to say I’m not young now but I was really young and silly a few years ago.  Ironically, I read one post about Pam Anderson where I mention looking back and thinking I’m ridiculous. As an unwavering fangirl, that is the only post I could nod my head and know I’d totally post the same thing here!
Other things I’ve learned about myself?
  • I HATED Smartphones.  When I obtained my first smartphone (I can’t remember what kind) I wrote a long post about how they aren’t phones, are difficult to use and a complete waste.  It reads like an out of touch old lady and I couldn’t help but laugh as I read this on my NoteIV.
  • I expected to stay at my last job for only a year or two.  I regularly wrote about looking for a new job and/or going back to school. I remember considering graduate school but I don’t recall being very serious about it – apparently I was.  I also really wanted to do Teach for America.  Thankfully, I have no regrets and sincerely love the work I do now.
  • We went to the movies A LOT!  I seriously wrote reviews for 40 movies in a two year time frame.  I’m not sure I’ve watched that many movies since!
  • I was dedicated to Roosevelt research for longer than I remember. Throughout 2010, I worked on the book I hope to write about FDR.
  • Finally, I had the most immature food palate.  I wrote about how great canned Campbell’s soup was!  I’m such a food snob now I honestly couldn’t stomach most of the food I was so proud of myself for eating a couple years ago.  Case in point, this was my Valentine’s Day gift in 2010. I’m not tempted by any of it today – even Starbucks can be too sugary.
*That’s why I’m not helping anyone find the links. 

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