DeVries & Co

In a city not known for its grocery stores, DeVries & Co. is both essential and a destination.  Located in the heart of Eastern Market, the architecture alone is worth the visit.  The building was constructed in 1893 and has detail and character you never find with new construction.  The old world charm extends to the interior. The small specialty shop buzzes with activity – especially on market days – and offers customers the unique opportunity to engage with staff (i.e. there is no U-Scan but they do accept credit).
The busiest location is always the cheese line and for good reason.  DeVries offers a vast selection of cheese – it’s foodie paradise.  I especially love the cheese blends: Gouda with basil & garlic is my favorite way to jazz up a grilled cheese sandwich.  DeVries is also my go to place for Corridor sausage.
The first floor is filled with endless food options and the third floor is a gift shop.  An added bonus is the manually operated, old-fashioned elevator ride you can take upstairs.  The shop sells an array of hand-crafted and locally produced goods that make for the perfect household addition or gifts.  I found the best item for B’s birthday and I will be going back shortly to pick it up.
DeVries is a great shop if you’re local and need groceries or coming into the city and want to find a special treat.  It’s a staple stop on my Detroit tour list and if you haven’t been, go check it out!

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